Refractory Installation and Refractory Brick Installation

K&G offers refractory installation for a range of industries including cement, lime, pulp & paper, power generation, and more. Our owners and project managers have over 200 years of combined installation experience installing a diverse selection of refractories for several industries. K&G performs all types of refractory installations utilizing all types of refractory materials.  Our expertise is combining the brick installation talents of our employees with our monolithic installation capabilities, whether it is form and pour, shotcrete or gunite.  Our employees are familiar with all of the domestic & international suppliers of refractory materials and are schooled in their installation specifics.  We have good relationships with all of the domestic & international refractory suppliers and are comfortable dealing with any refractory material.

Refractory brick installation is an area of specialty for K&G and we are prepared to lay brick in a range of rotary kilns. We use [brick types and specialty] for a variety of jobs. Further, our average installation rate is approximately 2 feet per hour on projects over 100 feet.

It is a priority for K&G to get customers in emergency projects back up and running as quickly as possible and our refractory brick installation and other services are fine tuned for maximum quality and efficiency.

Since our founding in 2008, K&G has handled emergency projects as well as large scale shutdowns for many large, US-based cement operators and lime producers ranging in project costs from 5,000 to 6 million USD. Contact K&G today with any questions or for a refractory installation quote.