K&G is prepared to meet the requirements of nearly any demolition job. K&G uses a range of Brokk robotic demolition equipment including remote control demolition robots, from the Brokk 90 to Brokk 330, to ensure safety and maximum efficiency. Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders are used for total removal and clean-up. The majority of our robotic demolition operators have a minimum of 15 years experience with a wide variety of machines and we are constantly undergoing training for both new equipment and operators to remain up to date with evolving technology. K&G has its own operators and equipment as well as a forged, long term relationship with Refractory Removal Service to be able service any and all of our customers demolition needs.

The combination of unparalleled experience and top of the line tools makes K&G the go-to source for any demolition, tear out, or removal job. We offer the safest, fastest, most reliable demolition and removal in the refractory construction industry. No foundation or material is too tough for us and we are prepared for demolition and removal of rotary kiln of all sizes, clinker coolers, preheater vessels, and more.