K&G Industrial Services is also experienced in a wide range of Mechanical and Steelwork.

K&G’s mechanical experience includes Tipping Valve replacement and reconstruction, Cyclone Thimble replacement and installation, Burner Installation and Piping, Air Cannon Installations and Bucket Elevator and Conveyors. K&G also handles chain installations in Long Wet Cement Kilns and Lime Sludge Kilns in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Most mechanical tasks, with the exception of rotating equipment, have been completed for our customers on a regular basis.

K&G’s in-house welders have also successfully completed steel and welding projects in erection and repair of numerous non-coded vessels and tanks as well as replacement and repair of damaged steel for its customers. K&G also installs structural steel, plate and piping as required on our customer shutdowns

In sum, while performing refractory installation K&G is poised to handle all of the related steel work and welding associated with getting to job done Turn Key.