K&G are experts in shotcrete (wet mix) and gunite (dry mix) application for a range of requirements. K&G uses a variety of Blastcrete equipment, including diesel powered and electric powered mixers and pumps for all pumping & shotcrete as well as Blastcrete rotary gunite machines for gunite applications.

Pumping (Form & Pour Installation) is accomplished with the use of Blastcrete pumps (electric or diesel).  The form and pour method is by far the optimal installation method if brick cannot be used in the application.  The material is mixed at the pump with close control of the wet mix at the pump.  The material is then transferred via pump pipe/hose to the installation area behind forms.  We have performed numerous form & pour installations on the many different vessels that we service.

K&G employees and operators are skilled and experienced Gunite installers, using conventional install methods. A dry mix application is used with water added at the nozzle, experienced operators is crucial to a successful install and no one has more experience in the industry than the employees at K&G

Gunite is completed using a dry mix application with water addition at the nozzle and our employees and operators are skilled in conventional gunite application.  Our employees are also skilled in the no-cement gunite application that uses a binder/activator (instead of water) and specialty pump for additive placement. In addition, we can install many different manufacturers’ refractory products including conventional and no-cement gunites.